Economic national preference – a mistake of the past and the future

Posted by ge_europe on 20/11/12

Imagine a researcher inventing technology that would halve the cost of manufacturing an automobile their contribution to growth and competitiveness would probably win unanimous support. Now let’s suppose that an entrepreneur achieves this same result by importing some parts for this automobile. The odds are that many would condemn him for not buying from local [...]

Green trade can deliver significant benefits to Europe and the world

Posted by ge_europe on 25/10/12

At the beginning of September, leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), agreed to dramatically cut tariffs on a selection of clean and energy efficient equipment. Custom tariffs will be cut from 35 to 5%. This initiative which is worth 500 BN US$ trade is a crucial step toward worldwide diffusion of clean tech. But [...]

Calls to protect €80 Billion Horizon 2020 Budget in EU Negotiations

Posted by ge_europe on 19/09/12

Second EU Innovation Barometer Takes Temperature of European Innovation The publication today of GE’s 2nd EU Innovation Barometer provoked good debate on the progress and direction of the EU’s Innovation Policy with an emphasis on what concrete measures are and can be taken to deliver on the expectations set in the Innovation Union Strategy. In [...]


Posted by ge_europe on 26/07/12

As Europe continues to wrestle with the ongoing economic crisis it has somewhat been distracted from focussing on the future. While the immediate critical problem is solving the crisis, the issue facing us is how to kick start recovery and emerge poised for growth in a competitive global marketplace. Europe’s future growth and prosperity will [...]

Taking The Global Temperature For Innovation

Posted by ge_europe on 18/01/12

Today GE launches its second annual Global Innovation Barometer which is a study of almost 3,000 business leaders across 22 countries including France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the UK. The Barometer conducted by independent research and consulting firm, StrategyOne, identifies some of the key drivers and deterrents of innovation and examines perceptions of business to [...]

Time to redefine and reinvigorate the trans-Atlantic Partnership

Posted by ge_europe on 28/11/11
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When the Presidents of the EU and US meet in Washington they do so against the backdrop of significant economic turmoil on both sides of the Atlantic. The Eurozone remains deep in crisis and both the EU and the US face common economic, social and environmental challenges.  In the EU, our ability to emerge from [...]

Creating a climate for Green Trade- G20 have an opportunity to seize the initiative in Cannes

Posted by ge_europe on 27/10/11
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When the G20 meets in Cannes, France it will have a packed agenda. No doubt top on their agenda will be the economic crisis and the slow road back to global recovery and economic renewal. In the midst of that crisis we need to remain focused not only on solving the immediate issue at hand [...]

GE Innovation Barometer– Taking the Temperature of Innovation in Poland

Posted by ge_europe on 25/10/11
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Last week we launched a report on Innovation in Poland – the GE Innovation Barometer, an independent study commissioned by GE and conducted by StrategyOne. It examines the perception of 100 Polish business people who have a direct involvement in innovation. It also looks at the innovation context in the country as well as identifying the barriers [...]

Polish Innovation Barometer- Innovating for Growth

Posted by ge_europe on 19/10/11
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I attended a breakfast this week hosted by Danuta Hubner, MEP Chair of the Regional Policy Committee, at the European Parliament to mark the launch of the Polish Innovation Barometer, an independent study conducted on behalf of GE to gather perspectives from Polish business executives on the state of innovation in Poland. Budget Commissioner Lewandowski [...]

Business needs decisive action now

Posted by ge_europe on 03/10/11
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As the Finance Minister of the EU meet in Luxembourg, we are once again faced with another crisis as budget figures released last night in Athens suggest the Greek government will miss a key deficit reduction target.  As I wrote in a letter to the FT, the ongoing cost of uncertainty and the lack of [...]